Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Some old news round-up.

So just to be thorough, here are some things I missed that went on in late March and April:

1) Our own Kevin "Squid" Bolger, organizer of the Velocity Tour and co-owner of Cyclehawk messengers, got into the NY Post, about his dedication to being a bicycle courier. Congratulations Kevin.

2) The Cutthroats mutant bicycle club from Richmond Virgina held their annual Slaughtertrama 5.

Tallbike Jousting, Beer guzzling...good times!

check out the myspace page.

Here are some great photos from Kevin Dillard of Demoncats

3) 9th annual April Fool's Race here in NYC, hosted by Steve Klein, happened on Tuesday...April 1st. Steve always finds a way to pickout weird and obscure streets that really test a persons knowledge of the city.

Here were the checkpoints:
Start - Cooper SQ
- Corner of Varick + Ericsson Pl.. # of building
- West 64st + West End Ave. Name of Park Statue
- 173-175 E. Bway. Apprx time of Clock
- 59 St.James Pl. !st Cemetery of the Spanish + Portuguese Synagogue. Date
- 174 Hudson.
- Dyer Ave + W 36th st.
- 143 Franklin St. Name of Statue
- Tunnel Approach Street N/E Corner of E 35th St.
- Little W. 12th St. 32-36
- 199 Ave B
- W. 21st St btwn 6th + 7th 18___ ~ 18___
Finish - Chelsea Waterside Park

Here is who supposedly won:

1. dan c
2. crihs
3. yatika
4. cooper
5. drew

Here is who claimed he won:
(photo by Carlos

I dunno, I wasn't there...but he Felipe is the King...so...


4) In April was an Art show featuring the photographic styles of Takuya, who has been documenting the messenger community here in NYC for years.

Carlos was on hand with photos

There's that guy again.

Tak is in the middle.

Check out the video by Carlos



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Why is the bicycle culture so often associated with beer drinking and pot smoking? It's a bit old by now.

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ahah.. i thought that i would let you know if you didn't already that your april 1 post is what now shows up first when one googles 'bike blog'

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we've been working on some video stuff too... see what we got BREWing at www.techb3.com

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did you see these?


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