Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get ready for the D.O.T. "sustainable streets"...just in time...for 2030?

I hate to be the ultimate cynic, but its really hard to get excited about the D.O.T's new plans which are supposed to be finished by 2030. Wow, I'll be 60 years and in desperate need of bike lanes if not a walker. At least they are doing something over there in the shadow of the congestion pricing defeat.

Just days before bike month the Department of Transportation has unveiled their 72 page plan on how to make the streets safer and create more infrastructure for bikes and public transportation.

Here is the flashy graphic filled plan for, "Sustainable Streets"

and here is a video from streetfilms of Janette Sadik-Kahn, NYC DOT Commissioner, annoucing the plan at the Municipal Art Society.

Here is Brian Lehrer having a love in with Paul Steeley White, executive director Transportation Alternative, on Wednesday's show, talking about the new sustainable streets plan.

To be fair, the D.O.T. is taking an aggressive role on making positive sustainable changes to NYC for pedestrians and bikers. Hopefully the NYPD will cooperate.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not like a building where you won't be able to use it for the 22 years it will be under construction. It's a huge plan with hundreds of smaller portions that can be used as soon as they're finished.

For example, page 15 states:

To promote cycling, we will build 200 new lane-miles of bicycle facilities by 2009 and 15 miles of protected bike lanes by 2010. We will also work to ensure completion of the city’s 1,800 mile bicycle master plan and install 5,000 new CityRacks by 2011.

Change can't happen overnight, but it can happen before we're dead.

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