Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back in the New York Groove with Tragedy

Well after another round of a sick computer and the removal of an enlarged parathyroid...

I'm back to being the, "pain in the neck" of NYC bike community and beyond.

First off let me give a big shout out to Digital Society on 10th street for fixing my laptop. Apple care helped a bunch but this nice boutique had great service



Blogger Carter Rubin said...

I think I saw your bike on Driggs on the other side of the park from b's bikes. I don't keep up with your blog so I don't know if you got it back. I'm pretty positive it was yours though; areospoke rim, orange, stickers, riser handlebars with green grips... my email is good luck.

I saw it there earlier today (6/9/08)
best of luck

9:09 PM  

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