Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Goings on last weekend

Saturday, the 2nd, was a pick up alleycat from Columbus Circle to Tompkins Square Park. The main purpose of this race was to put 4 helmet cameras on fast riders and then to project all four of these views at the same time on four seperate screens. Info on the screening will be coming up. Felipe won the race (of course) and most of the riders completed it in about 11 minutes...thats fast. Try it some time and remember there were two checkpoints.

Yatika tries on helmet. Ken (in the batman t-shirt) the race organizer.

helmet cam wearers-Yatika, Cali, Pablo and Chris.

The start 1

The start 2

The start 3

my picture set

Sunday, the 3rd was the 3rd annual Tour De Brooklyn, hosted by Transportation Alternatives. See I don't just post about messenger events. It was a fun ride through Brooklyn, although we did break out and go for pizza at coney island. DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, spoke and went on the ride. She's down with bikes.

Check out Clarence Eckerson's video of the tour.
my flickr set


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