Tuesday, May 15, 2007

West Coast Troubles...

Looks like San Francisco/Berkley has had some altercations with their rides.

In San Francisco, there were a couple of incidents with angy bikers

Headline from San Francisco Gate
Critical Mass pedals politely through S.F.
A SMOOTH RIDE: After last month's heated confrontation between bicyclists and a driver, participants were determined to make this month's event a more pleasant experience

Then check out this bizarre ride from Berkely's Critical Mass which was last Friday (I guess its the 2nd Friday of every Month)

Video of ride.

The driver of the minivan claims people threw bikes under his van...kind of like when demonstrators damage police equipment with their heads at demonstrations. The driver, a 70 year old man wants to negotiate better about how the pedestrians, bikers and motor vehicles can share the road. I wonder how those negotiations would go..."you bikers talk about your problems...while I run you over."

The video is really disturbing and you end up feeling bad for everyone...but the driver kind of looks like Dick Chenney and he is behind a machine that can kill people...maybe he should negotiate like our Vice President and tell people to go Fuck themselves.

Here is an article about the incident.


Blogger a said...

you rock, michael. i love how you get right to the point! (negotiating like the vice p!)

6:05 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

No Michael. But you are as dumb as a rock. You teach that poor disabled couple a lesson they will never forget! How DARE they feel threatened while surrounded by 100's of people yelling at them! Keep up the good fight of harassing people who HAVE to drive because they have a disability. The car helped build and unite this country over the last century you leftarded idiots.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Monica W said...

Seniors should "drive" Rascal scooters rather than cars!..

2:27 PM  

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