Monday, May 28, 2007

San Francisco is hosting the NACCC

On the West Coast, San Francisco is home to the 2007 North American Cycle Courier idea who won...yet.

Here are some pictures from this weekend from Flickr.

Our own Kym P. in the main race...picture found by Adam Alpren

a few pictures from the trackstands...from 100 fires
Dagga in the trackstand competition


Hal, from Tokyo, doing skid

Here is a great blog from Kansas City Missouri... Bikeliker ...yes they have alleycats there...

They interviewed Austin about being the 2006 NACC Champion.

I'm getting the impression that the 2008 Naccc is being held in Chicago. Goto Bikeliker to vote on the logo you like best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Jumbo from Coppenhagen on fix
2. Sino (tokyo) on fix
3. Supermike (which would make Mike the Naccchampion) on road

Kathleen Hannon won the women's race.

Zak from portland won at the track.

11:32 AM  

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