Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Portland biker kicked ass at the NACCC

This in from a cool blog... Bike Portland

"Portland messengers fared well at the North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC) this past weekend in San Francisco.

Local track racer and messenger Zak Kovalicik took home the coveted “Fixie King” crown for having the fasted fixed gear finish in the main race. According to read Bjorn Warloe, who attended the event, it was Kovalicik’s second time as fastest fixie rider.

And it was an all-Portland final in the bike polo tournament, with the team of Mason, Drew, and C Murder taking home the top prize.

A group of Portlanders used the NACCC as an excuse for a bike tour. Reader Tom Rolf rode his fixed gear down to Rickreall, Oregon (a small, country town just west of Salem) to send them off. Check out his photos here.

Back in 2005, Portland played host to the NACCC. Check out my photo gallery of that event.

I believe Zak also won tickets to Ireland on the track. Check out cyclehawk for more details.


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