Thursday, May 03, 2007

North American Cycle Courier Championships--SF

Gabe Morford and Mike Martin really set things off with their 40 minute video MASH about track bike culture in San Francisco. They opened eyes with their coverage of tricks one may have never thought possible on a fixed gear bicycle all beautifully displayed on the intensly pitched hills of this West Coast gem of a city.

It set things off with many riders trying to better their skills and invent new ways of riding and better tricks.

Here are a few more videos from San Colin Arlin and Colby Elrick.

promo part 2

San Francisco is hosting this years North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC 07) Memorial Day weekend and invite all to come and see the city. This is a great time to be on a bike with lots of alleycat races, parties, racing and events.

Fred has sent this message out looking for volunteers to help out:


My name's Fred and i'm in charge of recruiting
volunteers for the various events like the main and
qualifying races and parties during Friday, Saturday
and Sunday.

So, I'm asking. If you are coming to sf to race and
feel like helping out when you're not racing then i'd
love to hear from you. Maybe you're coming with a
friend who isn't racing but is down to help out-
please direct their attention towards me.

Or if you find yourself milling about during or after
the race and you see some folks cleaning up or
schlepping things around that look like they are
having a hard time (or they're having an easy time and
you just want to meet someone cool), then you could
just help for a second and have some new friends.

We're trying to work out some perks to being a
volunteer. We have a ton of sponsor gear.....

If you want to talk about any of this or see what's
available to do, i'd love to hear from you. write me
back at this address Or just
find me or any of the other race organizers and
volunteers during the events.

Looking forward to meeting all y'all.

LA is preparing some pre-events for NACCC with "City on Lockdown 2."

Ashira writes:

The NAC3 Pre-Events in Los Angeles is going to be rock solid and funtastical!

Registration is up at Los Angeles Bike Messenger Association - so go there and click on DTLA events to get your registration on.

FYI - "City on Lockdown 2" is probably going to be way better than "City on Lockdown 1" and "City on Lockdown 1" had me convinced that LA rocks harder bikes-wise than most places I been.

x ashira

U- Lock Mob presents: CITY ON LOCKDOWN 2

schedule is:

May 18th:
Registration, Group Ride and After(Pre?)Party

May 19th:
Mural Alleycat (LA has got some of the best murals of all time - including many by LA messengers like Cache). The Battle of East LA (the first one was INSANE! LA River here we come!) and a killer afterparty.

May 20th:
BBQ, Fixed events and Big Lebowski Bike Bowling

Huge Prizes!!

THEN - May 21st - 25th

Join us for THE CALIFORNIA BREW TOUR!! 5 days of riding up the coast with The U-Lock Mob towards the NACCC's in SF. Camping, alleycats, LOTS of beer, etc etc

Sponsor list includes:

PBR, Orange 20 Bikes (owned and operated by Jim C from Richmond), Swobo, REload, Level, Chrome, BaileyWorks, Timbuk2, New Belgium Brewing, iMartin, and DTLA's very own Megan #2 who has promised custom handbuilt bikes to the winners!
Here is another example of LA on lockdown...

The cops turned on a crowd of peaceful demonstrators at the Tuesday May 1st rally for immigrants rights using teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the people.

Excessive force from the LAPD...hard to believe.

more info at LA indymedia

probably got started by a bunch of unruly bike messengers....

just kidding.


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