Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mutant bike class looks for new instructor...

Wow, I was bummed out today. I got all hot and bothered about "bike culture being for sale." I thought we had another hot button topic about weather an art space could actually have classes on building mutant bicycles for more money then you could buy a bike. I thought there would be lots of fiery responses on the issues of public space and selling out. Instead a few people told me I was just whinning. What fun is that? Last time tallbikes came into question I had major newspapers calling me up and asking, "whats with these mutant bike gangs that are terrorizing the city?" It was fun pretending to be an expert on a fringe sub culture of a sub culture that barely existed, then watch how the New York Times and the Village Voice blew it all out of proportion. So I ranted and it went flat and there were no discussion about to be punk rock or not. damn. Then, right before the day was up...Sweet vindication.

The supposed teacher of this Tallbike class wrote in:

"hi. this is carlos valpeoz, the person who, i guess seems responsible for this mess. first of all i don't feel like i should justify this situation because i have nothing to do with 3rd ward anymore. i only feel compelled to write this response because since i have lived in brooklyn i have been very involved in bicycle culture. your argument, mr. green is completely valid. you elaborate mostly on exploiting bicycle culture. this class has never existed, does not exist, and will never exist...at least under my instruction. when i was dealing with 3rd ward, the purpose was not to exploit a culture which i am fully immersed in, but to offer people an opportunity to create and design at a place which seemed to not be run by business men. it was never about building tall bikes so that the affluent brooklyn scene-ster could swing their dick around. i was fooled into thinking that 3rd ward really cared about maintaining a strong community in this seemingly exploited city as opposed to just making money. i had absolutely no idea that they were still running this class. i have nothing to do with 3rd ward anymore and do no agree with their mentality, prices, and all of the above. my appologies. carlos."

Whos whinning now...

Carlos, please email me off the blog. I'd love to talk more about this and thanks for taking the time to respond.


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