Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lets get this started...

So we are taking a beating at Critical Mass here in NYC and we need to talk about it. Better than myspace...I found ning. This is a cool free service that allows you to build your own social network just like Myspace, only not owned by Fox mogul, Rupert Murdoch...yet. I created nyc critical mass ning as a place where like minded individuals can discuss critical mass, how to change it, what to try, what to avoid...etc.

Right now the site is private and people need to be invited to join. My goal is to build a network of people, like myspace, to specifically talk about nyc critical mass.

If you would like to be involved goto the ning site and join up.

I know this site is rough right now, but I will work on improving it.

Lets get talkin.


Blogger Unknown said...

Facebook is another alternative. You can then create groups which are either public, just for your network, or totaly private (as in invitation only aswell as not showing up in your profile).
Not to mention all the cool photo taggin stuff and the profile is far better etc. etc.
Far better than myspace.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's some pix and audio from Friday's ride. I haven't seen anything on that except for your video here. Have fun - Joe Peralta


2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Legal Advisory

Warning: Do not discuss, describe or include any events surrounding your ticketing over the Internet including email, blogs, or websites, or over cellular phones that could be deemed incriminating.

The more secure way to discuss any pending legal matter is over fax, landline, or face-to-face (the best).
Signed, Joel Kupferman, Esq.dxj

2:36 AM  

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