Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monster Track Week...whew.

This was one hell of a week. It started off pretty bad as I ended up loosing a $3,000.00 video camera at JFK airport, picking up Shino and Hal. I hope to do a fundraiser soon to try and make up a little for my lost gear, maybe its time to make a DVD for sale. From there is was all up hill and it turned into an amazing whirlwind week of shooting video and attending bicycle events that kicked serious ass, despite the crappy ass weather.

Now I am just begining to look through the hundred hours of mini dv tape we shot this weekend including some amazing HD stuff.

Very special thanks to Shino and Hal who came all the way from Tokyo to compete in Monster Track, NYC's longest running fixed gear only alleycat race. These two are some of the nicest people I have meet in the scene and it was such a pleasure documenting their experiences in NYC. Thanks, guys for puttin up with us and are antics and for participating in spin class, paintball, visiting bike shops, riding the streets and all the other things we asked you to do...I hope you had fun.

Congratulations to the winners of Monster Track...Alfred took the crown for the third time! Felipe came in second and nice job in sharing the spotlight with Shino on the prizes stage, a rickety lounge table at the East River Bar, sight of finish and the after race party. Congratulations to Austin for third place, despite a nasty crash on the car path of the Williamsburg Bridge, hope you are ok? Good job, Chris (I know you spell your name different) for being a hard core bike messenger and winning 4th place.

Special congrats to Shino who took 5th place overall and won best out-of-towner. This is truely an amazing feat for someone who has only been in NYC once before.

As for the ladies: Heidi took 1st, Dagga rocked 2nd, Heather took Third. Not sure who won 4th and I think Kym won 5th, with a bad cold coming on.

Nice job to Eric Ferguson for racing most of the race on a penny farthing, and thanks for letting me try that crazy thing.
Someday, I hope to do no handed track stands on that like you. Picture of Eric.

I'm sure more official results will be posted soon.

There were soo many shooters out there documenting the race...holy shit. Everyone is steppin it up, so hopefully we will SEE lots of this video, right? I promise to get stuff up soon and am totally willing to collaborate with anyone on an edit. Nick James wins the prize for first video online with his camcorder helmet cam. Check out his footage from the race, crusing up 1st Ave. Nice work.

I wanted to give a special thanks to all those who helped me keep it together despite my royal fuck up on Monday.

Thanks to Mike Dee for being a great host. (Mike Dee on the Right, Josh Whitesnake-Messnyc on the left)
Thank you Kym for hosting and for letting us do spin class. Your bike is safe and sound in my hallway and feel better.

Thanks to Hodari for playing along and for hosting another amazing round of goldsprints.

Thanks to all those who made Monster Track an amazing weekend of events. Victor, one hell of a race. Victor in the middle of the crowd with the white t-shirt on his head

Picture by: fuckitup
Thanks to all that helped run checkpoints, make spoke cards, gather prizes, keep the peace, document the results. Squid, Mark, Hugo...

Thanks to All those who shot video for me. Thanks to Chris Ryan, Arron for your HD camera and A-Team van tactics on the Williamsburg Bridge. Thanks to Graziano for the equipment and for shooting in the freezing cold, feel better. Thanks to Kym and Dagga for wearing helmet cams. Thanks to Robert for shooting so much. Thanks to Ben Wolf for your HD camera and Dave Bryant for driving in crappy ass traffic. Thanks to Jesse Epstein for shooting the finish.

Thanks to Ming, Noah and Nick for an amazing round of paintball in Long Island City. Nick, thanks for the good gun.

Special thanks to CK for holdin it down, all your behind the scenes help, shooting on the fly and riding my bike with shoes that didn't fit.

Thanks to Brendt Barbur from the bicycle film festival for the great idea. This year is going to be awesome.

Mad love to all the couriers who worked through the slush and grey snow and those who rode through it all.

Here are some pictures of peoples bikes post slushy ass race and a good solution for cleaning one's bike...

Here is a google map gps pedometer route of Monster Track from one of its racers. 25 miles.


Blogger Steven Vance said...

Do you have homeowners' insurance, or renters' insurance?

If so, and depending on the specific terms of the policy you bought, the camera may be replaceable through your insurance company, even though the item was not at home (or your apartment) when you lost it.

I don't know how it was lost/stolen, but if you have either insurance, check with your agent!

12:57 AM  
Blogger Michael Green said...

Thank you for thinking about that. I do have renters insurance and they only cover 250.00 in video equipment and I would need a police report. It was my own negligence. The thing to do is to get some sort of professional issurance and to be much more careful in the future...nothing like this has ever happened to me. I feel like a tool.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might want to post the story about the camera on the Robin Hood site.

It's not a registered charity, but people ask for grants because they need or want something, and the community votes on who should get their wishes answered.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd buy a dvd -- maybe a benefit race is in order.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha my pedometer and my salty cranks made it on bikeblog, hooray!
and I would have no problem paying for a dvd.
Keep us updated!

7:33 PM  
Blogger Prolly said...

Big ups on the write-up. Sorry about the camera!

Until next year...

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting post!

3:23 AM  

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