Monday, December 04, 2006

Tragedy strikes again on bike ride planned.

Time's Up volunteer, Eric Ng was killed on the west side highway on Friday, November 30th. Killed by a drunk driver who rode on the greenway for over a mile.

Eric's myspace page

here is a link to an article from Gothamist.

here is a link to an article form the NYTimes

article form Newsday

Article from AMNY

Cyclist fatally struck on bike path mourned

By Justin Rocket Silverman

December 4, 2006

Friends of Eric Ng began planning a memorial Sunday on the West Side Highway bike path where the 22-year-old was killed Friday night by an alleged drunken driver.

"This is the only place in Manhattan where you are supposed to be completely safe from cars," said Barbara Ross, a volunteer with bicycle advocacy group Times Up! "We want to make sure the city is doing everything it can to keep cars out of the bike lanes."

Ng was headed to a party in the East Village around 9:45 p.m. Friday when he was struck by a silver BMW driven by Eugenio Cidron, 27, who was leaving a holiday party at Chelsea Piers.

Instead of turning south onto the West Side Highway, Cidron turned onto the bike path, police said. He drove for more than a mile before hitting Ng near the intersection of Houston Street, police said.

Cidron was charged with drunken driving and manslaughter.

Ng, a Brooklyn math teacher, had recently graduated from New York University.

He is the second cyclist to die this year on the West Side Highway's bike path. On June 23, an NYPD tow truck struck and killed Dr. Carl Nacht, 56.

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This year is ending really shitty. First Brad Will is killed, then the senseless shooting of Sean Bell and now this.

There will be a memorial ride this Saturday. (12/9/06)

"We're going to set the memorial ride for Saturday afternoon. We'd
like to meet at Washington Square Park at 1pm, then head to the site
at 1:30 or so. We've been making art for the site all day today and
have some really nice work.

After the ride we want to have a memorial service somewhere nearby so
that people can talk, have a slideshow, etc. We'd like to aim for a
3pm or 4pm event at Bluestockings or St. Marks or somewhere like that.
People were also interested in having an evening dance party, since a
good party is pretty clearly what Eric would have wanted!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad Story...

have a look at the banner shown on the NYT homepage link above...

Reg Chris
My Photocommunity

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is absolutely awful, to have a young life taken by another's ignorance and recklessness.

my deepest condolences.

1:24 AM  
Blogger PCM said...

So horrible. I only wish there were some good that could come from this.

My condolences.

2:16 AM  
Blogger k* said...

the hudson river greenway is my favorite place to bike - i 're-learned' how to ride there after not having been on a bike since i was 11. i've seen *so* many confused drivers riding on the bike/pedestrian path, esp. in the area around chelsea piers and further north right before the intrepid museum. it's so sad that this keeps happening...

11:40 AM  

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