Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New site and magazine for Urban cyclist

MESSNYC.NET is a site dedicated to the urban cyclist. This includes messengers, commuters, bmx'ers, chopper clubs, and any other freakhow we might be interested in. All content is submission based, so we're looking for contributions in the form of photos, interviews, scene reports, videos, news articles, profiles (of people, bands, or collectives), and feature length articles. Those who regularly contribute quality work can become staff and/or bloggers on the site."
"Every three months, MESS will take the best material that we've received, and release it as a high-quality print issue. This will be a full color newsstand quality magazine, complete with a DVD. The DVD will feature Hi-res footage of bicycle related events both large and small, live music footage OR produced videos, and more than likely a fair dose of hilarious hijinks."

"We plan on doing a bi-coastal launch party Memorial Day weekend, at the Triple Crown (MAYHEM) in Washington DC, and at the West Side Invite in Portland. By signing up for our email list, you'll receive updates about these and other events of note."


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