Thursday, April 13, 2006

Alley Cats and more.

I've been slacking on bike blog a bit...All these wedding plans, who knew this would be such a big production. We are hoping to register for a tandem bike and ride off after the ceremony with cans clinking to the back, maybe we could get a pedi-cab upstate?

Alley cat this weekend in Dumbo.

New Brunswick, New Jersey had a nice race last Saturday, NYBMA has the race results.

1st place: Dan from New Jersey who won Deep V's wheels with Miche Primatos hubs
2nd Place: Andrew M, also from NJ
3rd Place: Andrew T, who won a pair of Continetal 3000 GP tires also won a copy of the Warriors DVD (that I made with Jesse Epstein and Chris Ryan of Team Spider)

go here for some pix.

--A new flick about a cargo bike-
the cargo bike movie

--There is going to be a hot party this weekend from the folks at Black Cat and Complacent in the vein of the Warriors Alley Cat...
"There are things worth fighting for.

Have you noticed? Brooklyn is slipping. The storefronts
are getting cleaner. The buildings are getting taller. The
rents are getting cruel and our culture is being repackaged
and sold back to us at a premium.

This is a call to arms.

This is a call to defend the simple things: days of
dreaming; nights of lust; big art in big spaces; dancing
through dawn; fire and moonshine; kisses from strangers;
indelible street art; raging dance floors; cheap booze;
inspired artists; choosing risk over reason in a night full
of fire as we explode our inhibition in the Wilds of
Brooklyn. Against a world gone awry we find meaning in
these moments of passion.

This is what we fight for.

More than a party, this will be the first full-exploration
of what we've been building in our 9,000sqft. warehouse of
wild. Expect doses of bliss with touches of bedlam mixed
into a classic Brooklyn Bacchanal. We've been working
tirelessly to bring back events that seemed to have died
out, spaces where anything can happen and everything does.
Hundreds of you have seen our space, but you haven't seen
anything yet. We are debuting two new areas to complete
an experience deeper than anything we've presented before.

This is a gathering of tribes.

This event is about more than just you. This is about you
and your tribe competing and conspiring in a battle of party
pleasures and feats of daring. From welders to hipsters,
artists and activists, roller derby girls and tall bike
makers, MC's and danger artists, groovers and rock kids and
everyone in between, gather your self-defined posse, invent
a name and matching costume (think: the gangs of the Warriors)
and come ready to compete.

Throughout the night your tribe will be challenged to earn
points in carney games and costume competitions, along with
random awards for great dancing, drinking and spontaneous
feats of fearlessness. At the end of the night, the most
successful tribe will be awarded a box of champagne and the
Key to Brooklyn, an intimidating trophy welded by Hackett
from the Madagascar Institute.


Because when we look for excitement, we want feverish
teetering on the brink of mania; we want to step over that
edge in a way we will never return from. On this night
Brooklyn is a metaphor for the grit that we miss, for nights
full of fire, for the anything-is-possible. This is what is
worth fighting for.

This is the Battle for Brooklyn.

The full invite and performer listings will be sent at the
end of the week. Expect four live bands from raging rock to
conscious hip-hop to big marching brass, and a dozen dj's
playing hip-hop to electro to classic house to breaks to the
lofi techno that leaves you damp.

Saturday April 15th
7pm to long past sunrise @ the Wild Space
313 Meserole St. on the corner of Bogart St.
3 blocks from the Montrose stop on the L train.

$10 with your tribe (plus a free kiss of liquor)
$15 for the tribeless

--In an unrelated story, Our dear friends at Team Spider, NYC's most influential punk a story about their ring leader Zak, the oldest punk rocker...Check it out:
NBC/Universal made the video on
video about Zak


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