Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Bike Show from Portland

Ok, I went a little crazy with my last post. 2006 rolled in and I thought I had to update all the things that went down before the year was up while nursing a 2 day hangover...partied a little too much...sue me.

I will calm down now.

So there is a new podcastable bike show coming out of Portland Oregon and their community radio station kboo FM

The show is the first Wednesday of each month at 9:00am (PST)

all shows are archived and available at:
Bikeshow Portland

The last show aired Wednesday, January 4th and featured:

Greg Raisman, Portland Department of Traffic safety specialist and Bill Sinnot, Commander of the Portland Police Traffic Division, to discuss programs and enforcement actions they are working on to make the streets safer for cyclists.

New York City's answer to making our streets safer for cyclists is to create NO infustructure for the growing increase in cycling, let vehicular homicides go unpunished and ticket bikers for not having a proper warning devise...hmmmmm.

maybe they should listen to the show.

Time's Up is hosting a Memorial Ride on January 8th...Sunday...check the flyer or the Time's Up website for more details.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the liberal paradise that was NYC when I growing-up in the East Village during the 60’s? Police action on cyclist’; when it’s encouraged in Europe, the Pacific Northwest, Boston and else where? What is it that I’m – and others - are not getting? We should have as a nation, city and community, higher aspirations, then to go picking-on young folk whose only intentions are to go riding their bicycles, once a month, on the streets, that, as a kid, I can recall, riding on – free as a bird.

We either “Let Freedom Ring!” or “Repression Reign”, for we as Americans need to consider these two diametrically opposed forces and choose which one, as a people, we’ll live by.

MooKid New Hampshire

6:41 AM  
Blogger Michael Green said...

couldn't agree with you more. Never mind the 60's, what ever happened to the 90's when you could have a party and it not be considered a haven for drug use or a gathering of terrorists. When you could endulge public space and have parties on the subway or in the streets. Good ol 911. Now it's a war on drugs and a war on evil doers...could we be more vauge. Are we at war with Emanual Goldstein or what? Time to re-read 1984.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im sending the thought police for you

8:50 PM  

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