Friday, January 06, 2006

Memorial Ride information

Ride information for the Memorial Ride Sunday January 8th.

There will also be people meeting at the George Washington Statue on the Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge at 12:00. This ride will take people to Bushwick for the East New York Ride.

Here are the details.....

Join Time's Up! and a coalition of NYC Cycling Groups as we ride to the various fatality sites, holding mini-memorials for all the victims.

We have many different types of bikers in NYC
And we all ride for different reasons
--for the environment, for fun, for transportation, for exercise, for work--
But this Sunday we will come together as a united community
and ride to remeber and honor all 21 bikers who died on the city's streets in 2005.

We ride to HONOR those who have been injured or killed.
We ride to RAISE AWARENESS that we are here.
We ride to ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD.

In the US, cars kill more children and young adults than anything else.
10 cyclists per day are reported hit and injured by cars in NYC.
In NYC, on average one cyclist is killed every three weeks.
In NYC, on average sixteen cyclists are killed every year.

New York has no stated safety improvement goal.

Because New York City and the NYPD have no public database of accident sites, we do not have a record of all the cyclists killed...8 remain Unnamed. The rides will travel throughout the 4 outerboroughs, holding memorials for all the known victims, hooking up together along the way until all the groups come together in Manhattan (see timeline below for exact times and locations for all the various memorials) and will end in memorial for the 8 Unnamed Bikers at the Time's Up! Space (49 East Houston...between Mott & Mulberry).

Please join us...Bring Flowers & Candles.

Bring your camera to document any undercover or police harrassment of this peaceful memorial ride.

Specific Info & Ride Timeline

11:15am: Meet @ Hylan Blvd. & Lipsett
11:30am: Memorial for Jerome
11:45am: Ride to Staten Island Ferry
1:30: Ride 1:30 Ferry. Meet group @ Bicycle Loading Area.
2:00: Ride to Brooklyn Bridge to join Brooklyn rides.

1pm: Meet @ Brook Community Garden
(141st St and Brook Ave, Bronx NY)
1:05: Ride to Eulene's Memorial (Third Ave @ E 168th)
1:20: Memorial for Eulene
1:25: Ride to Juan's Memorial (dirt lot by Yankee Stadium)
1:35: Memorial for Juan
1:40: Ride to Queensborough Bridge
2:00: MANHATTAN PICK-UP POINT (60 St & 1st Ave...BikePath Entrance)
2:10: Meet @ Queensbridge Park (Park side of Vernon Blvd @ 41 Ave)
(Bronx timeline continues w/ QUEENS CREW)

1pm: Meet @ College Point Entrance to Queens Botanical Garden
(College Point Blvd between Blossom Ave & Booth Memorial, Flushing)
1:05: Ride to Angel's Memorial (Intersection of Prince & Northern)
1:15: Memorial for Angel
1:20: Ride to Queensbridge Park to meet BRONX crew.
2pm: Meet BRONX crew @ Queens Bridge Park (Park side of Vernon Blvd @ 41 Ave)
2:15: Ride to Liz's Memorial
2:30: Liz's Memorial (Mcguinnes @ Kent, Greenpoint)
2:35: Ride to Williamsburg Bridge
(timeline continues w/ SOUTH BROOKLYN crew)

1pm: Meet @ Austin's House
(300 Logan St, Brooklyn NY)
1:05: Ride to Miguel's Memorial (Atlantic @ Logan st)
1:10: Memorial for Miguel
1:15: Ride to Elizabeth's Memorial (5th Ave @ Prospect Place)
2pm: Memorial for Elizabeth
(timeline continues with SOUTH BROOKLYN crew)

1pm: Meet @ 69 St Pier
(Bay Ridge Ave and Shore Rd, Brooklyn NY)
1:05: Ride to Keith & Andre's Memorial (Shore Parkway)
1:10: Keith & Andre's Memorial
1:15: Ride to Chaim's Memorial (17th Ave @ 51st)
1:35: Chaim's Memorial
1:40: Ride to Elizabeth's Memorial
2pm: Memorial for Elizabeth
2:05: Ride to Brooklyn Bridge
Meet @ Manhattan side of Brooklyn Bridge
2:20: Ride to Jen's Memorial ( Water St @ Governeur Ln)
2:25: Memorial for Jen
2:30: Ride to Williamsburg Bridge
Meet @ Manhattan side of Williamsburg Bridge
2:55: Ride to Brandie's Memorial (Houston & Allen)
3:00: Brandie's Memorial
3:05: Ride to Andrew's Memorial (Houston & Elizabeth)
3:15: Andrew's Memorial
3:20: Ride to Time's Up! Space (49 E. Houston)
3:30: Memorial for 8 Unnamed Bikers.


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