Wednesday, January 25, 2006

He's Just a gigaloo and everywhere he goes...

David Lee Roth? Remember "Hot for Teacher" the video on MTV with big haired kids playing a young Van Halen? Remember learning David had a Bar Mitzvah? How bout when he got busted for buying weed in Washington Square Park. Oh, that Sammy Hagar Breakup was rough. But Fear not, the badboy who was swinging from a harness during Panama now has more to eat em up and smile about. He's sitting in the hotseat of Howard Stern who has gone off to Satelite Radio fame. AND DAVID LEE ROTH rides a bike and wants to talk about Critical Mass! YEAH DIVER DOWN! Smolka, yeah hear that? Van Halen is cool again and your not.

Andrew Lynn of "Still we ride" the movie, has a blog and posted this anouncement:

Hi everyone,

so... its true. the former Van Halen rocker rides a bike in New York City.

What's more crazy is that he has invited two of the directors of Still We
Ride on to his new morning show to talk about the crackdown on Critical
Mass and biking issues in the city. that is also true! i swear.

According to one of his producers who contacted us recently, 'Dave' doesnt
know much about Critical Mass, but wants to 'learn more' and 'educate his

Now, I have never heard the show, which apparently has replaced Howard
Stern in the mornings in 5 cities across the US, but I have read that it
is not that great of a show. So who knows about 'his audience'? Roth has
little to know radio personality experience and is supposedly difficult to
work with. Do a quick google search and pick from a handful of negative
reviews that pop up.

But that doesnt really matter. What has materialized very quickly is an
opportunity for bicycling issues in New York City to have a national
'mainstream' audience. Its pretty weird... and amazing. We are
nervous... and chuckling.

So... tune in and tell your friends!! from what we understand, we will be
guests on the show at about 8:15 AM on THIS THURSDAY, January 27, 2006.

hot for teacher,

Andrew L.
SWR co-director/producer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi mike,

nice formatting change. i just have one concern - the gray type is a little difficult to read. could you perhaps change it to something with more contrast? thanks!

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


my bad! it was my computer that screwed up yer page giving it a white background with gray print. odd.

no change needed, mike.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

andrew from swr here...

the show went great!
props to diamond dave for giving bicycling in NYC some 'mainstream' airtime. its easy to be critical (self-critical also - no pun intended) cuz the issues are so many and its impossible to 'plan' a casual interview, but dave was really on our side, and the intern who popped in saying how CM was the 'best thingin NYC'. fucking great. there will be a stream up later... and i'm sure it will get posted here. if people heard the show and want to give feedback - email info at

hot for bikin!!

rock on bikeblog!!

10:26 AM  

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