Thursday, January 26, 2006

Critical Mass talk on 92.3 K-rock

So Elizabeth Press and Andrew Lynn, two of the three directors of "Still We Ride" were on 92.3 Krock this morning talking with former front man of Van Halen, David Lee Roth. David now hosts the time slot where Howard Stern used to be before his mass exodus to pay-radio. Apparently David is a cyclists, who doesn't own a car in New York and has a interest in what this Critical Mass, thing is all about. Andrew and Elizabeth did an excellent job of explaining both about the ride and how it has been cracked down on in the last year and a half. David also stated he might be very interested in coming to the critical mass this Friday.

This ended up being about 45 minutes of talk which means David Lee Roth was interested in what was going on. He called it a BIG NEWS STORY.


We shall see if David comes to the ride tomorrow. Howard Stern never talked about critical mass!

HERE IS WHERE THE SHOW is archived...

David Lee Roth Show on Critical Mass

You download the ZIP file and it should be a 60mb mp3 minus the commercials.
It should also be at:

David Lee Roth Show

Megaupload is a free service where you can post MP3's

Now I think you have to click in the upper right corner to begin the download of this show.

let me know if people have trouble with either of these sources.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey- hats off to elizabeth and andrew who did an awesome job.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Sucka Pants said...

posting the interview:

go to, upload the mp3, when it's finished it will give you a link, just add it to the page and people can go download it at their leisure.

only drawback? megaupload is kind of confusing to navigate, but it's also free.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding development!

By engaging the mass media in a discussion that pertains to an event such as Critical Mass, the local political leadership is forced into a position of cautionary responsiveness. This defensive political posture can only serve the long term interest of Critical Mass, by, increasing its awareness amongst the local general public. Moreover, by having a celebrity or journalist(s) partake, observe and form an “On-Air” opinion, about, what transpired the night before, the legitimacy of this regular, unorganized, Friday night tradition of “Freedom of Assembly and Expression” can only be reinforced.

“Those who would give-up liberty, for security, deserve neither.” – Benjamin Franklin

Peace and take care of yourselves, MooKid New Hampshire

8:23 PM  

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