Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Years Ride

Democracy now had a roundtable discussion on the use of undercovers at bicycle related demonstrations and memorial rides. The story was launched last Thursday in front page story in the New Yor k Times by journalist Jym Dwyer. The show aired Tuesday (12/27/05) and can be archived at democracy now or at is also an excellent site for live shows posted for free download. These shows are all legal and agreed to by the artists.

If your in NYC on New Years Eve and looking for a unique experience, there is always the Time's Up Bike ride.

8th annual New Year's Eve Party Ride: Start the New Year off Right...on a bike.
Meet at 10:30pm at Washington Square Park, under the arch. End Party at Belvedere Castle in Central Park where you will be treated to music and fireworks. Bring food and drink to share! Great time with the local bicycle community.

Alternate pick-up points:
10:50pm at Madison Square Park, 23rd and 5th Ave.
11:15pm at Sherman Statue in front of the Plaza Hotel 59th and 5th Ave.

This ride is left alone by the undercovers because all the cops are tied up in Time's Square protecting the drunken dorks from Al Queda, cause Osama Bin Laden hates Dick Clark.


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