Thursday, August 11, 2005

August Brooklyn Critical Mass

bk critical mass 05, originally uploaded by Green Biker.

Today I decided to commute by bicycle to work in Manhattan with a bunch of video equipment. This seemed like a more pleasing option then trying to squeeze onto the L train at Bedford Ave which is normally so jam packed in the morning rush hours, you might have to wait a few trains to get on. Then, if you dare to have bags let alone a video camera case and a tripod, forgedduboutit. These are some of the wonderful failings of the MTA, to not provide enough service to the growing population in Williamsburg yet to triple everyone's rent and rezone the place and tell everyone how great it's going to be. Let's also not forget they want to automate the L train, the only real option for getting to work, will now fail thanks to Robbie the Robot. Some real geniuses working there. Must have been the same assholes that thought putting 20 bumps on the Williamsburg Bridge would be a good way to cover the expansion joint gaps and get bicyclists to slow down. Oh we slow down all right, cause we don't want to fall and break our necks and sue the DOT. They did make one improvement to the bridge...they put up signs at each bump letting riders know that all of these accidents could be avoided if people would just go straight over the bumps. Right. How much money did you spend to make and put up those signs? How much does it cost to make shorter rubber expansion joint covers? This is one reason it sucks to put anything on a bike rack, because guaranteed the bumps will mess it up. Who came up with the idea to punish the one form of transport in which people get exercise, clean up the environment and create less traffic. Must be the same assholes that make arrests when people run red lights at critical mass. Always punish the people who give a shit...It's the New American Way.

Now what is the deal with the Manhattan Bridge? I believe that you take the North Side of the bridge for bicycles and leave the south bike path for pedestrians. How long has the North Path been open? I think it's a good idea; it was just hard to figure it out. So, spread the word.

Coming this Friday is the kick off of the Bike National Convention 2 and the monthly Brooklyn Critical Mass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Willy B, Be there.


4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts about your blog, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... my state department job is far more interesting than this is.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been open for well over a year now - took a little getting used to at first. the worst part though is the entrance and exit of the north side. inaccessible (if you ride legally on manhattan side) and dangerous. also, lots of peds walk the bridge anyways. oh, and the city workers are always on the bridge with little trucks and they'll whistle at you if you've got back.

1:44 PM  

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