Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Website and Blog roundup.

Here are some news and tidbits from blogs and websites giving love to the bike community:

Photos by Will of Razorapple

For three years there's been an alleycat race open to those new to the sport, affectionately called, "alleykitten." December 30th was the date.
Here are three recaps with pictures:

Six racing
Razor Apple
Prolly's blog with race results.

picture form six racing...Guy in the black hood is race veteran Victor, who organized Monster Track 08 last year. He's really camera shy.

Meanwhile...we may all be in trouble. No not the nose-diving economy but Rapper Kanye West bought a Cinelli Vigorelli Track bike from Track Star. This has got bikesnob only mildly freak out about the hipsterfication of fixed gear culture.

Then things got worse...Looks like Lance Armstrong is riding tallbikes.

oh snap.

Bikesnob sees the coming apocalypse...personally I think thats cool as shit. Skidmarxx gets more friends now on his myspace

J.Martinez took some nice photos of Willis and the boyz form Bootleg sessions at Bikeshorts which took place on Sunday.

Check em out at fatlace

Some other Blogs I like:

all posers must die
Mad Fajita
Ephemeroi good place for events.
Hubs and Spokes
Sweat and Champagne
Kyle's Dave Quality Meat's blog which pointed out this trailer for the real bike porn.

This is art...of course.



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sweet, thats a pretty good recap of the first half of the week, plus some sweet links, all while doing a track stand with a lap top

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